3rd to 6th May 2024

Seven people attended this rally, including Andy, from the South East Section.

The field was well drained and not soggy at all, facilities were good.

There is a shop / cafe on site ran by the owners.

Breakfast for those that wanted one available from 09:30

A very interesting “Animal Field” is in progress with all sorts of

critters including, Lama, Pig, Goat, Hens, and a very big, male Turkey.

There was even a small goat on a children’s trampoline!

Licenced Eating & Drinking only a level mile away.

We had a “Ride Out” on Saturday, led by Don & Sue, which included

two “Photo Challenge” points

Two campers went into Lizard on Monday to get some “Ann’s Pasties” for lunch.

If you like Cornish pasties this is a must!

If you missed it this year, I can highly recommend it be your calendar.

Thanks to Don & Sue for organising this event.