Not camped before ? Here's a rough guide to camping....

One of the most popular events and pastimes within the club has always been camping at one of our fantastic rallys. It is a great way of getting to know people, enjoy a great ride - out, have a few beers and mix with good like minded company. However choosing the right gear that can be safely loaded onto a motorcycle and still give you home comforts can be a formidable task. I remember John Robinson saying to me "you will soon get to know what's hot and what's not and it will cost you a few quid in doing so! " John was absolutely right but it needn't cost the earth if you get it right to start with .Camping with a pillion can be an even more daunting affair and some of the clubs GS riders astound me with what they can actually get on their bikes ! But evetually you get it all down to a fine art.

This section is a rough guide and by no means a singing endorsement of the products listed, but hopefully if you are new to the club and feel like you want to come along and join in all the fun of a rally , then this guide may be of help , particulary if you have not camped before.

Great advice is always on hand so please dont be afraid to ask.



Above : Kyham Biker a firm favourite with bikers.

FOR: Goes up in minutes being part of the Kyham rapid pitch range.

AGAINST : Reasonably heavy and bulky for its size and no supplied ground sheet in porch area.

Above: Vango Alpha 300

FOR: Lighweight, cheap around £60 with Sewn In Ground sheet and small when packing away.Porch area for storing gear, spacious interior.

AGAINST : Pitches inner first not everyones cup of tea.

Above: Vango Galaxy 300

FOR: Unbelievably compact tent that was designed and created based on feedback from youth group leaders. Constructed with a large front porch so you can stand up, storage and keeping dry, whilst the bedroom is lower therefore keeping the user warmer through the night. The clip in riser porch ground sheet allows a clean dry storage area whilst reducing draughts.

AGAINST:. The raked front is not good when it is raining so you will probably still need to buy a tarp. Rather odd looking.

Above: Wild Country Etesian 4

FOR : A tent you can stand up in all the way through, lightweight weighing in at just 6kgs. Sewn in ground sheet that can be unzipped in the front . Small pack up size . Excellent quality . Extra light Aluminum poles. 4 person so plenty of room for gear.

AGAINST : Not cheap with an RRP at just over £400 and probably pitches best with two people.Users have also reported that the sewn in ground sheet allows water ingress when compressed against the ground.


Above: Vango Omega 250/350

FOR: A very spacious tent that again is a firm favourite at bike rallies,there is only a small amount of difference in pack size and weight between the 250 and 350 with most opting for the more spacious 350. Probably the most popular tent for rallies and touring on a bike.

AGAINST: Again not the most petite of tents for motorcycle touring and side entrance only.

Above. Exped Synmat 7

Above: Exped Synmat 7 Ultra Lite fits in the palm of your hand.

Above: Expeds exceedingly comfy Megamat 10. A 7.5cm version is also available.

Above: The Luxurious Outwell Dreamboat Single, a 7.5 cm thermal self inflating mat.


Above: Typical Mummy style sleeping bag by Vango

Above: A more traditional square xl bag from Vango.

Above. Self inflating pillow.

Above: Vango self inflating pillow in its bag.


Above : Outboard Ninja a monsterous 130 litre beast of a bag

Above: Lomo 60 litre Motorcycle Dry bag. Very well made and a good price and extremely popular.

Above : Ortilieb 60 litre Duffle Bag.Expensive but very popular.


Above: The fantastic Helinox Chair One

Above: The Chair One fits into the palm of your hand , weighs only 900grams or 2lb in old fashion money.

Above: Common old garden chair ideal because it folds completely flat and costs around £10

Above: The Helinox Table One.

Above: Fold away lightweight aluminium table with slatted top this one is from Argos and all packs away in a draw string bag.


Above: A Trangia 25 UL set with 1 litre kettle everything packs away like Russian dolls.

Above: Trangia with traditional meths burner.

Above: A typical multi fuel stove this one is an Optimus Nova.

Above: An Optimus Hiker an updated version of the now classic Hunter 8R , expensive but small and compact and runs on petrol. Russian versions can be found on the net at a fraction of the price and work very well.

Above: Coleman 533 Dual Fuel Stove. Very popular choice runs on Coleman White fuel or unleaded petrol.

Above: The very familar camping gaz stove.




Above: The very popular Vango Adventure Tarp.

Above: Zempire Dome Awning Tarp in conjunction with a Vango Alpha 300 dome tent.




Above: Enamel camping set

Above : Petzl Head Torch

Above: Magnesium / steel Fire striker


As can one of these... Late at night...



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