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Are you a BMW motorcycle enthusiast looking for other riders to ride with or meet up with on a regular basis ?

Are you looking for regular ride-outs ? Fish n chip nights ? Rallys/camping weekends ? Pub meets ? Cafe meets ? Meal 'n' natter nights ? European excursions ? Mileage competitions ? Concours shows ? Track days ? National rallys ?



Harford Bridge, rally, Tavistock


So why join us ?

There are many "so called"motorcycle clubs on the internet these days, including BMW orientated ones.

In reality they are no more than just internet forums usually set up and run by a single person from their bedroom.

After a while, many start wanting you to pay money to have extra privileges because they have begun to moan that the site is costing them money to run ( well they set it up, no one asked them to ! )

If you are daft enough to pay up, maybe you can post in a different section ?

Or have your name in a different colour so all the other forum users can see that you are special ?

You may even be able to post an advert or a photo or even send one another a private message ?

If you post often enough you may even get to become a gold star poster or better still a "Grand Tour Master" ( Whoa ! )

When matey in his bedroom has become bored with it all, he may ask you to become a moderator so he no longer needs to keep an eye on it and whilst a small handful of posters may organise the odd get together they are really "NOT" clubs at all..............However....


It is not just a forum ( although it has one) It is not just a web site (although it has one of those too) It is a real "HANDS ON" motorcycle club that is run for the benefit of all its members by its members and elected local and national commitee members all of whom are unpaid volunteers . The club probably organises more gatherings , rideouts and social events than any other UK based motorcycle club.

Isn't it time you stopped being a keyboard biker and became a hands on motorcycle club member ?







If you have any questions please contact our Membership Secretary



Members getting ready to leave for a rideout at the Black Cock Rally

BMW Club membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over who currently owns, or who has previously owned or has an interest in BMW motorcycles.

Full UK Membership currently costs £32.00 sterling per year for residents of the British Isles, that is The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man. Members of the Armed Forces posted abroad also count as UK residents if they have a BFPO address.

Associate membership is available to the adult partner of a full member for £3.00 per year.

Irish ( ROI only )membership costs £38.00

Overseas membership currently costs £38.00 sterling per year.

You may join at any time of the year and your membership will be valid for 12 months

Persons ceasing to be a member during the year shall not be entitled to a refund of subscriptions.

Please read The Memorandom & Articles of Association of The BMW Club (60kb) HERE

Please remember to select your section or register (If you live in the South West we would love to have you in the South West Section )



Just a few of our members bikes at our annual Concours and bike show at Harford Bridge in Tavistock


Some information about the club and the South West Section


Since the BMW Club was founded in 1951 it has grown from a small gathering of BMW Motorcycle enthusiasts, to be one of the largest independent single-make motorcycle clubs in the World. With a total membership of over 3500, comprising people of all ages, from all walks of life, with every age and model of BMW motorcycle, it is also the second largest motorcycle club in Great Britain and Ireland, with only the Vintage Motorcycle Club being larger.
A section to the West of the country was formed in 1963 and then a breakaway group from West Devon and Cornwall formed the South West section in 1980 with several of that group still active within the Section.

Size alone is meaningless unless it coincides with services, and in this respect, few other motorcycle clubs can match the efforts of the BMW Club. Every month, the club publishes "The Journal", a 70-80 page full gloss A4 colour magazine which lists 50 or more events that can be enjoyed by all full members, and which also contains a wealth of technical, leisure and social information, including BMW motorcycle-related for sale and wanted ads, readers letters, event reports, members discounts, and other news posted to your door.

Our Monthly full colour A4 glossy Journal around 80 pages mailed to each full member.


The BMW Club is more than just a motorcycle club. For many it is a way of life, and for others it has opened up a whole new social world.
It has been responsible for bringing together lots of different people, which has resulted in many life-long friendships
and quite a few marriages along the way!

By the sea on a Sunday Rideout

If you're wondering why we're called the BMW Club and not the BMW Motorcycle Club, that's easy. When our club was formed in 1951, BMW were really still some way off producing cars in large numbers, so there was no need to make the distinction. Later on, when a club for cars came into being, it fell upon them to call themselves the BMW ‘Car' Club, and that persists to this day. It does cause it's share of confusion occasionally, and we sometimes have to be quick to mention that we are a motorcycle club.

Our members organise and take part in a huge variety of events from.... Regular ride outs ,Sunday lunch meets to international tours, off-road and track days, picnics and barbecues, camping and hotel weekends, talks and video shows, meal n natter nights , bring & buy sales, technical demonstrations, competitions and quizzes, and many other social events.

Not everyone in the club rides a BMW you can join our club whatever you ride , first and foremost we are motorcyclists.

The club also maintains a library of past journals, articles, photographs, etc and boasts
a very extensive range of tools (including a GS911 diagnostic tool for modern BMWs ) available for members to hire

No other motorcycle club in the United Kingdom can offer so much !


At a three section rally in Sixpenny Handley


The aims of The BMW Club are to promote interest in BMW motorcycling in the British Isles, and to foster
international brotherhood through ownership of BMW motorcycles.

So why not come and join us ?






Just one of the tables at our annual Christmas Lunch


The BMW Club is the only officially recognised BMW motorcycle club in the British Isles and The Republic of Ireland.

It has been in existence since 1951 and currently has a membership of over 3,500, not only from all over the British Isles but also Europe and the USA.

The BMW Club is affiliated to The BMF and maintains links with BMW AG, BMW (UK) Ltd, other BMW clubs around the world, and The International Council of BMW Clubs.

It is totally self-financing and is completely manufacturer independent.

The BMW Club is organised into fifteen regional sections plus one HQ/Overseas section. Each section is administered by a section committee drawn from its regional members.

The BMW Club' is the trading name of The B.M.W. Motorcycle Club Ltd. a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England, registration Number 4261129. Registered office: c/o Myerson Solicitors LLP, Grosvenor House, 20 Barrington Road, Altrincham WA14 1HB. VAT no. 344 5870 40

The company is administered by a board of directors (the National Committee) and every section is represented at board level.

The BMW Club is run by and for its members and every member of The BMW Club is a member of the company.

The Directors, Officers and Officials of BMW Club are all unpaid volunteers who give up their free time to administer The BMW Club.


The BMW Club' is the trading name of The B.M.W. Motorcycle Club Ltd. a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England, registration Number 4261129. Registered office: c/o Myerson Solicitors LLP, Grosvenor House, 20 Barrington Road, Altrincham WA14 1HB. VAT no. 344 5870 40

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